Escape Room Themes For Sale

All of our room themes are available for sale, however duplicate room themes will not be sold within 100 miles of geographic locations.

Each room has been running for 6 months to 1 year with excellent reviews, this makes your room design as easy as 1,2,3!

Your package comes with the full story, room design lay out, speciality locks or artifacts (if a part of the story) and all supporting artifacts.

The pricing ranges from $950 to $1,500 depending on the intricacy of the room and any special items that need to be sent with the order.

Email us today with any questions!


The Classroom

Welcome to Miss Eleanor’s 5th grade classroom deep in the recesses of Philip Shore Elementary. It is the end of the school year, and the halls are all abuzz with excited voices of students making their summer plans of camping, swimming and late night movies…but, something is slightly off in room 209. It is erilly quiet and Miss Eleanor appears to have gone missing!

It is your team’s mission to solve a series of puzzles and clues in order to understand where and why the teacher is absent from her own room. Is it the kids, the janitor, a rival teacher? Miss Eleanor needs your help in 60 minutes before her time is up….


Jose Gaspar Demands the Key to the City

Gasparilla and his merry band of Pirates demand the Key to the City of Tampa once a year, but has only been successful in keeping control over our streets for one month during which time the Residents plot and plan on how to toss the Krewe out of our Bay. Can you unlock the clues in order to help our Mayor keep the Key to our beloved city?


Sherlock Holmes, Murder Mystery

Welcome to 221 B Baker Street. There has been an unfortunate murder, and our dear Sherlock has met his own untimely demise. It is your mission as good detectives to locate 7 possible suspects, then solve a series of puzzles and clues left behind to solve the murder. But hurry! Time is running out don’t let the murder go unsolved!


The Speakeasy, The Era of Al Capone

Step back in time to the 1920’s were flappers and mobsters were all the rage. Scarface (AL CAPONE)was just arrested and thrown in the pen, but his mobster buddies are meeting at the SPEAKEASY to plan a caper to break him out of the joint. You join the boys to help but realize that if you don’t break Scarface out, there is no way out for you. Unless you follow all the clues, the boys will take you for a one way ride or the coppers will throw you in the Big House for the rest of your life!!


Monica’s Apartment, The Friends Experience

Come visit us at 425 Grove Street. Relax in Monica’s apartment with the whole gang-Monica, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross. Even if it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year, you can spend 60 minutes with us experiencing the hijinx and fun of the gang!


Grandma’s Attic

You are in a small town with quiet neighborhoods and ordinary people but why are there so many unsolved MURDERS! The clues all seem to lead to one house. You start to investigate when you find “GRANDMA’S ATTIC”. There are many secrets in the attic and you must solve the mysteries in order to escape or be lost in the shadows of the attic for all eternity!


The Farmhouse

You find yourself lost on a dark country road when you come upon “THE FARM HOUSE”. Your phone has no service so you stop for directions. They invite you in but once inside you realize there is no way out! No way, unless you uncover a series of clues that lead to the way out or … remain there forever!!!


Race for the Cure

A harmful toxin created in a lab has been deliberately released into the atmosphere. You must work to together to discover a cure in time to save yourself and mankind from certain death. Can you find the antidote needed to escape and save us all?


Weekend in Vegas

Join us for a wedding getaway you won’t forget! Help Phil, Stu and Alan retrace their steps in order to find Doug and get him to his wedding in time!


Treasures of Egypt

Follow Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr.through the dense jungles to find and retrieve a very valuable artifact, the Ark of the Covenant. Work together through the boggling-brain teasers to make the greatest archaeological discovery in history!


The Hostel

It is 2008, you’ve recently graduated from College and decide to journey to Europe for a once-in-a-lifetime trip with 5 of your closest friends. Upon arriving you check in to the local hostel and join the rest of your group at the local Pub for a drink or two. Your night is about to take a very sinister turn. Your last recollection was of being in the Pub, however now you are waking up to your worst nightmare! You have only 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and clues the last survivor left behind to help you escape your grisly fate! **NOT RECOMMENDED FOR YOUNG CHILDREN **


Blarney Castle

While exploring the Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland, you happen upon a large foreboding door hidden only by some discarded wooden pallets. Quickly, you separate from the group and begin to remove each pallet to gain entry access to the door. You discover it leads into a secret dungeon long forgotten by the castle’s caregivers. Upon entering, the heavy door slams tightly shut behind you leaving you in the dark. You must let your eyes adjust to not having light and look for the flames to guide you. The air is thick and running out. You must work against the clock to solve the dungeon’s mysteries to escape before your air runs out!

NOTE: Fog machine in use. Please let staff know if this might cause a health issue for you so they can turn it off.


Gasparilla, The Curse of the Pirate

In the 1930’s a Tampa construction worker claims to have found a box under the Cass St Bridge that contained a treasure map, coins and a mysterious hand that was adorned with a ring with the name “Gaspar”…could this be the hand of the pirate that we have always known to be Tampa folk lore? Did he and his merry band of men actually exist in the early 19th century?

Go head to head with the other members of your team in this specially designed experience!
You must uncover the mysteries that surround Jose Gaspar by uncovering clues and puzzles in 60 minutes, but the twist is that you will be trying to beat the clock with other members of your party locked in another, duplicate room to yours- it will be a duel down to the wire!


Vacancy, The Don Vicente Haunted Inn

On the corner of 1915 N Avenida Republica de Cuba, a building looms as an unassuming structure. Completed in 1895, the building served the community as a factory, but then only to eventually become a medical clinic, serving thousands of newly arrived immigrants for many years…some patients left healthy, but roughly 2,000 met an untimely demise. In 1998 after meeting with the ravages of time, the landmark reopened as a beautiful hotel, painstakingly replacing it to its once beautiful condition…you arrive to embark on a vacation by booking room 305 where you quickly learn that not everything is new in this setting…you are visited by many events that you cannot explain, nor can the front desk. Digging deep into the hotel’s sordid past to solve a series of clues in order to reveal and explain the mystery that you have stumbled upon. But, hurry, you have 60 minutes to do this before you meet a terrible fate…


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